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Education & Training

It is CBSFA’s belief that healthy, well-educated kids are critical to the welfare of the community.


Montessori Program

CBSFA began its support for the St. Paul Montessori Preschool Program in the spring 2007 semester, and has continued it since.  Fully funded by CBSFA, the program provides early education and activities for kids age two to four.  The Montessori curriculum and structure provides a distinct advantage to kids as they enter kindergarten by developing social, reading and communication skills. 


Amix Program

Contributions were also made to the Amix program - a program designed to educate our youth about the history and culture of St. Paul through Bering Sea Days and Bering Sea Science Camp.  Bering Sea Days is occurs during one school week at St. Paul Island School.  It provides students an opportunity to perform hands-on scientific research and skill building activities.  Bering Sea Science Camp is an 8 to 10 day science camp located on Saint Paul Island and Saint George Island. 


Education and Training Program

In addition to local support for education, CBSFA continues to provide scholarships and training grants through its Education & Training Program.  Please see related program application documents at right.



Fur Seal Curriculum

CBSFA contributed funding to the development of Northern fur seal curriculum for the St. Paul School.  Support helped develop and conduct a two-week pilot of 7-12 curriculum at St. Paul School.  Curriculum includes inquiry based on science activities, connection to earth science, and computer and technology skills.


St. Paul School Gym Renovation

Renovations to the St. Paul School gymnasium were successfully completed with the help of CBSFA and American Seafoods funding.  Improvements included a new gym floor, safer bleachers, and more energy-efficient lighting.  CBSFA is happy to contribute funding to promote healthy lifestyles in our community. 


Alaska Native Science and Engineering Program

CBSFA is proud to support the Alaska Native Science and Engineering Program’s (ANSEP) goal of helping the Native American youth of Saint Paul and other Alaskan communities be better prepared for college and possibly a career in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.