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Education & Training

CBSFA believes that healthy, well-educated kids are critical to the welfare of the community.



CBSFA began its support for the Montessori Program in the spring 2007 semester, and has continued it since.  Fully funded by CBSFA, the program provides early education and activities for kids age two to five.  This preschool curriculum and structure provides an advantage to kids as they enter kindergarten by developing social, reading, and communication skills.


Pribilof School District Fire Alarm System

CBSFA’s contribution provides the St. Paul School with a new fire alarm system.  The Firelite System includes a voice evacuation system and the funding also for fire alarm system design, tech support, programming, certification of the system and the necessary paperwork for the Fire Marshal’s Office.



Scholarships and Training Grants

Since 1993, CBSFA has been providing scholarship and training grants for post secondary education and vocational training to qualified individuals.  Over the years, 43 individuals who were awarded financial aid have successfully received a certification and/or earned one or multiple degrees.  The purpose of these programs is to be able to train and educate our people and to provide incentives for them to return to our community to build their careers.



Funding allows for high school basketball team travel, local Round Robin Tournament, and annual 5th grade trip.




Bering Sea Pribilof Islands Science Education Program

A program designed to educate our youth about the marine and terrestrial ecosystems of St. Paul Island and the Bering Sea. Youth gain a broader understanding of western and traditional ways of scientific discovery and knowledge building, as well as the history and culture of St. Paul.  The BSPISE program includes ECO Summer Camp in July and Bering Sea Days in October annually.

ECO Bering Sea ~ Pribilof Islands Summer Camp:

Contributions to this event assist with costs associated with a five-day camp on St. Paul Island that includes youth ages 8 to 18. Students are involved in a variety of hands-on classroom and outdoor activities focused on one to two central themes, which are chosen by the special invited instructor each year. The involvement of a special instructor provides variety to our program each year.


Bering Sea Days:

This program promotes science education for St. Paul’s students and includes special instructors that deliver week long science education in the following fields: marine biology and ecology, oceanography, archaeology, GIS mapping and satellite tagging, wildlife and fisheries management, botany, and historical ecology.